We're very excited to announce the launch of our new product, Safety Manager 2.0.  It's so innovative, bringing never before seen features to the market, that you really should call us for a demonstration now.

But don't worry, we're still servicing our original Nurse Call Systems and Evacuation Sirens.



Nurse Call Systems

Our Wireless Nurse Call Systems are designed for fast and simple notification of medical emergencies at construction sites.

A Nurse Call System has become a crucial element of todays OH&S policies. It is there to notify predesignated recipients almost instantly when events requiring medical assistance occur. It is a site specific, wireless system making it fully portable.

We offer flexible systems that require minimum installation and can be expanded as the site grows.

Our systems have SMS capabilities and can be supplemented by wireless Site Evacuation Sirens.

Base Station

Base Station receives the Emergency signal via a receiver Antenna that is connected to it. It displays the Nurse Call Station being triggered on the LCD Panel. The siren and strobe light are then triggered.

Nurse Call system with a Base Station does not require the use of SMS notification module to operate. This can be added as a supplementary feature.

Nurse Call Points

These are your call points. The button has to be pressed for 3 seconds in order to send a signal back to the base station. Nurse Call Stations report to the Base Station every three to five minutes to make sure that they are in range and the battery status is optimal.


If Nurse Call Stations are dropping out of range then repeaters need to be used onsite to extend the range of the Nurse Call Stations. Repeaters can be added when needed at any stage. They do not require onsite programming and can be mailed out.

SMS Modules

These can be added as an option. They operate via the mobile network. Module sends an SMS to a number of mobile phones of your choice to notify of Nurse Call Emergency. Message can be customized with the exact location of the Nurse Call Point to identify each individual Nurse Call Point that  has been triggered or can be a generic emergency message (e.g: Nurse Call Emergency).

Free Storage Solution

A week before the job ends, call us to dismantle and store your system. When you are ready for the next site we can have it serviced and ready to start. No more lost or damaged parts in containers. Keep it together and ready to go. Don’t take chances with safety equipment.


Call us today to arrange a quote and/or a site visit to identify your system requirements.

Vanguard Nurse Call Systems are used by all major construction companies  across Australia. We deliver to and service all states.

Wireless Evacuation Sirens

Our wireless triggered Evacuation Sirens are designed for construction, industrial and wide area warning application.

Our sirens are motor driven siren for areas with high background noise. It is weatherproof with easy surface mounts.

Running 230V it delivers 127Db of sound at 1680Hz it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Wireless Trigger

The trigger is completely wireless and therefore can be mounted in just about any location (Wall, on the front of Nurse Call Base Station, or just leave it on the desk to hang up outside the shed every morning).

The trigger with mushroom push button can be used to trigger one or multiple sirens. It is programmed with an ON, OFF and TEST (10 second burst) buttons. The range from trigger to siren can be extended with a repeater if required.

Call us today to arrange a quote and/or a site visit to identify your system requirements.


Evacuation Siren Specifications
  • IP Rating: Weatherproof
  • Rating: Continuous
  • Frequency: 1680Hz
  • Operating Temp: -30oC to +45oC
  • Construction: ABS
  • Cable Entries: 1
  • Weight: 2 kg